Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water Review

All-natural Health Drink For Boosting Energy

Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water
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Product Name: Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water

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I usually hit the gym before going to work, which means that I have to wake up early in the morning and stay active and alert throughout the day. I used to rely on black coffee and fizzy drinks to keep me alert and boost my energy, but eventually, the excess caffeine started interfering with my sleep schedule. I knew something had to change and started looking for better alternatives online.

That’s when I discovered Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water, a natural energy drink made from yerba mate, a traditional energy-boosting tea. I wasn’t sure how it would help me wean off coffee and aerated drinks. But within just a few weeks of taking this Yerbae drink regularly, I noticed a considerable reduction in my cravings for coffee. That’s not all, I was also more focused and productive than before. I have now replaced my post-workout drink with this wonderful and refreshing beverage. Feels like it gives me an extra shot of energy to carry me through my day.

It has been nearly one year since I have started drinking Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water, and I consume almost zero coffee. I have completely stopped buying fizzy drinks. I carry a can of this healthy drink with me everywhere and have also suggested it to many of my colleagues.  

About Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water

Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water is a unique and 100% natural energy drink made using yerba mate. Yerba mate is a popular beverage that originated in South America. While the tea has to be brewed, Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water is a ready-to-drink beverage that is best enjoyed chilled.

Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water is a Non-GMO and gluten-free product that is manufactured in advanced US facilities. Made using enhanced sparkling water technology, the drink is a blend of yerba mate, white tea extract, and guarana seed extract and contains 100 mg of caffeine per 12 FL oz. There is another version that contains 10 calories and 125 mg of caffeine as well. The beverage is a whole 30 and keto diet-friendly health drink, devoid of sugar, calories, sodium and artificial ingredients.  

The drink comes in a variety of flavors; namely, acai blueberry, lemon, orange cherry pineapple, pineapple coconut, pomegranate berry, orange vanilla, watermelon strawberry, mango passion fruit, and coconut raspberry, which means you can keep experimenting with different tastes and flavors. Usually, a 12-pack of the drink is available online, with a variety pack containing different flavors as well. 

Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water

Why use Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water?

​Yerba mate has been used for centuries in South America as a natural health drink. The leaves and twigs of the plant Ilex paraguariensis are used to make this wonderful tea that improves physical and mental well-being. Yerba mate is said to be more effective than coffee and healthier than green tea. The drink is also full of natural antioxidants, which regulate digestion, metabolism and also enhance immunity against diseases.

The best part about Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water is that it can be consumed instantly and there is no added step of making the tea. This makes it a perfect post-workout and after-gym drink to boost energy level and provide the body with a much-needed kick. The fact that it provides so many nutrients to the body, in addition to a caffeine-kick, makes it a complete health drink for everyone. 

Final Thoughts on Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water

Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water is a completely natural yerba mate energy drink that contains white tea extract and guarana as its natural sources for caffeine content. Since it has no added preservatives or sweeteners, the beverage is a much healthier alternative for coffee and aerated energy drinks.

Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water has helped me become fitter and more energetic as well. I think you should definitely consider replacing your coffee or fizzy drink habit with this wonderful and healthy beverage. You can easily buy this from online stores, so go ahead and place your order today.

  • 100% natural energy drink
  • no sodium, sugar or calories
  • zero artificial ingredients, preservatives or sweeteners
  • whole 30 and keto-friendly drink
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • available in different flavors
  • priced higher than most yerba mate products
  • tastes bitter as it has no sugar
  • may result in insomnia initially
  • the fruit flavor overwhelms the taste of yerba mate
Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water

Give Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water a Try!

All-natural Health Drink For Boosting Energy