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Natural Brain Supplement with Suntheanine

Sports Research L-Theanine
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My high stress levels and anxiety were affecting my productivity. I felt my brain was all foggy. I tried some prescription drugs, but their side effects seemed worse than my original problem. I was struggling to get through each day, fighting the overwhelming sense of fatigue and tension. Then I discovered the world of nootropics and natural brain supplements. My life started changing for the better.

Nootropics, also called smart drugs, are natural or synthetic supplements that improve brain functioning. In my understanding, they simply make you feel smarter. And that's exactly what I needed. I tried a few different ones and they seemed to help in one way or the other. I came across L-Theanine in my search to find something more suited for my needs.

Based on the massive number of positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to buy Sports Research L-Theanine. I am most thankful to say, I really started seeing a genuine difference in my life. I felt more relaxed, yet mentally alert, than ever before.

About Sports Research L-Theanine

Sports Research L-Theanine contains Suntheanine, an award winning ingredient that is clinically proven to promote relaxation without the drowsiness commonly associated with anti-anxiety medications. Researchers observed an increase in alpha brain waves of L-theanine users.

When using this supplement you will be able to experience an alert state of relaxation which helps you be a happier and more productive person. Sports Research L-Theanine contains organic virgin coconut oil to enhance the absorption of L-Theanine. The liquid softgel used to make the outer capsule also helps to ensure the medication is absorbed faster. Each bottle contains 60 double strength capsules with 200mg L-Theanine.

Sports Research L-Theanine is a non-GMO product that is formulated without additives such as hexane, stearates or titanium dioxide. It is also free from potential allergens such as gluten, soy, and artificial colors. The company is so sure of its product quality and effectiveness that they offer you a refund if you are not happy with their product.

Sports Research L-Theanine

Why Use Sports Research L-Theanine?

Do you love to relax with a hot cup of tea? It is the L-theanine content of tea that makes it so relaxing. But how many cups of tea can you drink in a day to get all the L-theanine you want? There are other components in tea that are not so desirable in larger quantities, so you do have to limit your tea consumption to a couple of cups a day.

Now what if you are not a tea lover and you want to enjoy the brain stimulating, yet relaxing effects of L-theanine? How do you get sustainable L-theanine effects that last all day long?

The answer to all these questions are quite easy if you know about L-theanine supplements. L-theanine is an amino acid. Clinical studies have observed its relaxing effect on the brain. It promotes a sense of calm while maintaining mental alertness. Like caffeine. L-theanine also helps improves focus.

Though L-theanine is an important amino acid required for brain functions, it is not produced naturally in our body. Green and black tea are good sources of L-theanine, but the best and most reliable sources are the L-theanine supplements from high quality manufacturers like Sports Research.

The Final Note on Sports Research L-Theanine

With Sports Research L-Theanine supplements, you no longer have to suffer from stress, anxiety and brain fog. L-theanine will help you clear all those cobwebs from your mind, relax you and assist you in thinking clearly. Unlike most anti-anxiety pills that cause you to become even more dull and drowsy, L-theanine promotes an easy state of relaxation while enhancing alertness.

You don’t need a prescription to buy L-theanine. You can easily order it online. You can return the product if you are not satisfied with it as the company offers easy refunds. So order today and enjoy its calming, yet alertness inducing effects.

  • contains award winning ingredient, suntheanine 
  • enhance mental alertness and focus
  • promotes calmness and relaxation
  • contains organic coconut oil for faster absorption
  • liquid softgel outer capsule for quick absorption
  • non-GMO product
  • may interfere with blood pressure medications 
  • L-theanine with caffeine may be too stimulating, so practice caution
Sports Research L-Theanine

Give Sports Research L-Theanine a Try!

It is an amino acid that has been found through clinical studies to have a relaxing effect on the brain, creating a sense of calm alertness, and working just as well as caffeine to improve focus and mental clarity.