Source Naturals Sleep Science Melatonin Review

Regulates and Promotes Healthy Restful Sleep

Source Naturals Sleep Science Melatonin
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Product Name: Source Naturals Sleep Science Melatonin

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The company I work for has recruited many new employees. Since it is mandatory to induct them into the workflow, values, and culture of the company, we had to schedule many training programs. By the time I return home, I have just about enough time to get refreshed, eat my supper and hit the bed. However, I used to toss from side to side every night.

Many of my family members are taking sleeping pills, but I am concerned that they have become dependent on those medications. When I searched online, I found that there are natural products in the market that give a sufficient dose of melatonin (natural sleep hormone) without causing addiction.

I consulted with my physician and then ordered Source Naturals from Amazon. After my first dose, I took a book to read and before I could finish 2 pages I was feeling drowsy. I continued with the dosage and I am happy to state that my sleep is much better and I feel refreshed every morning. I plan to order the product again.

About Source Naturals Melatonin

Source Naturals Melatonin comes in a tablet lozenge and pill forms with a peppermint flavor. Each tablet contains 5 mg of melatonin. There are 200 lozenge tablets in the bottle. The optimum dosage is 1 tablet before bedtime.

The other ingredients in the tablet are sorbitol, mannitol, magnesium stearate, and stearic acid. It is a non-GMO product. It should be stored in a cool and dry place. Source Naturals manufactures both the sublingual tablet and the pill. It is a gluten-free product.

The lozenge form is most convenient for those who do not like to swallow pills and its absorption is quicker. Source Naturals Melatonin helps people suffering from insomnia. The users feel refreshed after deep and rested sleep.

The flavors do not leave an after taste in the mouth. The product is non-addictive and one can reduce the dosage if needed. It may take from 10 to 30 minutes for the individual to go to sleep. 

Source Naturals Sleep Science Melatonin

Why Use Source Naturals Melatonin?

Source Naturals Melatonin helps correct the body’s clock, especially for people with erratic sleep patterns caused by odd hours of work. It also helps people facing insomnia and suffering from delayed sleep.

The melatonin in Source Naturals provides good sleep and makes the user more energetic the next day. It works effectively as it is speedily absorbed into the system. There is no hangover or grogginess the next morning.

The product helps the individual to fall asleep sooner and stay asleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. Source Naturals was the first company to bring a melatonin product to the US market. It believes in providing the best quality to its customers and has strict testing and quality control guidelines. The whole process of obtaining the ingredients. along with quality testing, is of prime importance. 

The Final Note on Source Naturals Melatonin

The body requires an optimum number of hours of sleep every day for repair and rejuvenation of cells. However, with life and society pressure rising every year, it is a struggle to get good sleep.

Source Naturals Melatonin is taken by many people over the years. It has proved to be consistent in its results. As it dissolves quickly the consumer receives its benefits sooner when compared to other brands available. The fact that customers have been using this product for many years itself testifies to its quality and benefits. Apparently, there are no side-effects by the intake of this supplement.

Since it is a fully natural product and has been used over the years I believe this is the answer to anyone who needs a good restful and deep sleep. You can order it online like I did.

  • dissolves quickly
  • 200 tablets in each container
  • no aftertaste 
  • good value for money
  • no apparent side-effects
  • good customer service
  • difficult to break into halves
  • lower dose pills are difficult to find
  • may cause daytime sleepiness
  • may trigger headaches
Source Naturals Sleep Science Melatonin

Give Source Naturals Sleep Science Melatonin a Try!

Regulates and Promotes Healthy Restful Sleep