Solaray St. John's Wort Supplement Review

For Healthy Brain Function and Mood

Solaray St. John's Wort Supplement
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Product Name: Solaray St. John's Wort Supplement

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My depression started when I was in my teens. It was mild back then. Even now, in my mid thirties, I am still troubled by my tendency to get depressed easily. Disturbed sleep is one of my biggest concerns as it leaves me feeling fatigued. At night, my chest used to feel heavy with a constant sense of fear and apprehension. I was losing interest in all the activities and the depression seemed to be taking over my life. I didn’t have any other health issues but I was diagnosed with moderate clinical depression and prescribed antidepressants.

I experienced so many adverse side effects from these antipsychotics that I started searching for a safer natural supplement to treat my depression. Then, I learned about St. John’s Wort supplements and I ordered Solaray St. John's Wort tablets from Amazon.

After about 3 weeks I started noticing that half of my symptoms had disappeared. I was feeling lighter and my energy, as well as, appetite returned to normal. I was able to sleep for longer hours. Now after using this product for two months, I am feeling like a normal person. I have not experienced any side effects.

Solaray St. John’s Wort supplement is not a magical pill that works overnight to cure your mood swings. Give some time for your body to adjust, there may be a slow recovery from your depression, but it is all worth it. I am extremely happy with the results. I am having fun and enjoying my life again with a positive outlook. I even recommended this product to my parents for enhancing their general well-being and they are also happy with this supplement. 

About Solaray St. John’s Wort Supplement

St. John’s wort supplement contains 2.7 mg of hypericin, cellulose, silica, stearic acid, maltodextrin, and magnesium stearate. Solaray is known for producing powerful health supplements. It ensures high quality with the best ingredients. Each ingredient is from certified suppliers and is tested in the lab for heavy metals, microbes, bacteria, and pesticides. Quality is the highest priority for this St. John’s wort’s aerial extract. Solaray is a trusted manufacturer of St. John’s wort supplement.

Solaray St. John’s wort contains 900 mg of St. John’s Wort Aerial Extract in one tablet with 3 % hypericin. This supplement supports brain function, mood and overall well being by increasing the level of serotonin. It is a vegetarian product with No GMO. One pill per day is recommended. Keep the container in cold and dry place, avoid exposing it to any UV rays. Keep the lid tightly closed. 

Solaray St. John’s Wort Supplement

Why Use Solaray St. John’s Wort Supplement?

St. John’s Wort supplement originated from Europe and is extracted from a yellow flower plant. This ancient herb was used to support mood and emotional health. This 900mg Solaray St. John’s Wort supplement, when taken daily, enhances mood and feeling of wellbeing.

It contains 0.3% mg of Hypericin which boosts the serotonin level in your body, in turn, helps in healthy functioning of the brain. Regular intake of St. John’s wort supplement helps to reduce mood swings associated with PMS. It can also help to reduce the symptoms associated with menopause.

It helps to overcome anxiety and depression. Taking one tablet every day can help you sleep better and start your day with a fresh mind. St. John’s Wort supplement is easy to swallow pills and does not cause any side effects. It is believed that St. John’s wort does not react with any medication. Consult your doctor in case of any allergy.

The Final Note on Solaray St. John’s Wort Supplement

Depression and its medications can affect your day to day life. When depression continues for months, it starts affecting your physical health as well. Being aware and proactive can be the first step towards better emotional health.

Solaray St. John’s Wort supplement is a natural supplement is an herbal remedy which has been used since ancient times to treat emotional health. Consume one pill of Solaray St. John’s Wort every day, smile, laugh and enjoy your life again. Make your life stress free, happy and satisfied.

  • contains 900 mg/0.3% hypericin per tablet 
  • supports brain function by boosting the level of serotonin
  • reduces symptoms of depression
  • vegan product
  • lab-tested for purity
  • free of heavy metals
  • can cause dizziness
  • may cause anxiety
  • can trigger allergies
  • you may experience headaches
Solaray St. John's Wort Supplement

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For Healthy Brain Function and Mood