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Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna
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I suffered from depression and I feel it started when my parents got separated. I was just 12 when I started living with my mother but I missed my father a lot. By the time I entered my 20s, my depression worsened and though I was pursuing my higher studies, I felt stressed and my brain seemed foggy.

After consulting a doctor, I started taking antidepressants which helped me in one way but deteriorated my health in several other ways as there were many undesirable side effects. I was lacked motivation and self-confidence. My anxiety issues worsened and I felt frustrated with my life.

After hearing about nootropics, I researching on these smart drugs. I wanted a natural supplement to overcome my depression and anxiety. Mucuna Pruriens is a plant and is a natural source of levodopa which increases our dopamine levels. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone. This sounded like exactly what I needed.

So I ordered Dopa Mucuna from Now Supplements. After taking this for three weeks, I have more energy, I feel happier and my mind feels sharper. This supplement is helpful for anyone who is suffering from depression or mental trauma in their lives due to any emotional or financial reasons.

It is very difficult to find that one right product which suits your requirements and does not have any undesirable side effects. I am thankful I found Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna and it has improved my mental condition significantly.

About Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna

Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna is a natural levodopa supplement that helps enhance brain functioning and productivity. It has a natural formula made mainly with levodopa extracted from the plant Mucuna Pruriens. It contains 15% L-Dopa, which is the precursor of dopamine.

The hormone dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter in our brains. It controls anxiety, promotes enjoyment and excitement in life while helping reducing depression. NOW Supplements DOPA Mucuna helps reduce and stabilize mood swings. This supplement has a completely vegetarian formula.

It comes in a box with 90 capsules in it. Natural color variations may occur in this product as time passes but it does not impact the efficacy of the product. These capsules are best-taken before meals and in the early morning hours so that you can feel the boost of energy to kick start your day. 

Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna

Why Use Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna?

Mucuna Pruriens is commonly known as Velvet Bean and has been used in the ancient traditional Ayurvedic system for thousands of years in India. DOPA Mucuna contains levodopa which is extracted from the plant Mucuna Pruriens. Levodopa, or L-Dopa in short, is known to improve mental well being and brain health. It is an antioxidant that sharpens memory and improves cognition, it reduces depression and anxiety, and boosts libido. It helps in increasing brain hormones for enhanced productivity and better functioning of the brain.

The product has different effects on each person but it is generally taken for mental well being. For Parkinson’s patients, levodopa is a prescription medicine that enhances their cognitive abilities and it improves their motor abilities as well. You do not need a prescription to buy L-dopa supplements to use them as dietary supplements to boost your dopamine levels and elevate your mood.

Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna is a natural supplement that is generally considered safe for human consumption. But high doses and its long term use may cause adverse effects such as dyskinesis or involuntary movements, as seen in parkison patients who have been on high doses of L-dopa for years.

The Final Note on Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna

Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna is a natural supplement for improving the overall mental well being of a person. It is a natural nootropic or smart drug which may help treat multiple health problems such as infertility, nerve disorders, anxiety, and mental disturbance. Levodopa works mainly by raising dopamine levels in the brain.

You can easily order this online without any prescription. Have these capsules on an empty stomach in the morning for an energetic start to your day and have your next dose also before meals for maximum absorption.

  • standardized Mucuna Extract
  • naturally Occurring 15% L-Dopa
  • vegetarian-friendly
  • 90 capsules in a bottle
  • non-GMO product
  • gluten and Soy-free
  • may cause abnormal body movements
  • can trigger headache
  • may cause hallucinations
  • can cause nausea
Now Supplements DOPA Mucuna

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