Now - High Potency Melatonin Review

Promotes Relaxation and Deep Restful Sleep 

Now - High Potency Melatonin
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Product Name: Now - High Potency Melatonin

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Since I was promoted at work, I found the additional work and expectations to be very demanding. My days were long and the duration of my sleep suffered. I often carried work home and I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about some project I was working on. Restless nights produced irritable days and the cycle started becoming a downward spiral.

I confided in my best friend who advised me to get help for a good night's rest. I was worried about getting addicted to sleeping pills, so I wanted something that was not addictive. I surfed the net and researched various sleeping aids. I found that melatonin was regarded as a natural sleeping pill that was safe to use.The user reviews about Now - High Potency Melatonin motivated me to consult my physician. He advised me to try it for a month.

On the first night of taking the capsule, I found myself sleepy and heading for the bed within an hour. I slept for 8 hours straight without waking up. I felt refreshed in the morning and my husband commented that I did not get disturbed even when he switched on the lights before my wake-up alarm.

About Now - High Potency Melatonin

Now High Potency Melatonin is a dietary supplement that helps you get good and healthy sleep. It also helps in fighting free radicals that can damage cells. It protects the immune system and aids in maintenance of overall health.

The 5 mg capsule of melatonin is vegetarian. It helps in regulating sleep and wake cycles. The optimum dosage is one capsule to be consumed before bed-time with water only. The container has 180 capsules. The other ingredients present in the capsule are cellulose, vegetable polysaccharide, and magnesium stearate. The capsule is made up of vegetable polysaccharides.

This supplement does not contain gluten, soy, milk, fish, shellfish, tree nut or egg. It is manufactured following the standards of an NPA A-rated GMP certification. During the manufacturing process, the lab and testing methods are used to confirm the potency and formulation of the product. It should be stored in a cool dry place and out of the reach of children. Consult your physician before using melatonin if you are taking medication. It is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

It should not be consumed with alcohol or while operating heavy machinery. There are no artificial ingredients, flavors or coloring agents in any of the products manufactured by Now. There are no microbial pathogens, unlabeled allergens or nano particles found in the products. Now supplement has been a family-owned business since 1968. 

Now - High Potency Melatonin

Why Use Now - High Potency Melatonin?

Now - High Potency Melatonin is a natural dietary supplement that provides good sleep and also protects from free radicals. Melatonin works with the body’s internal clock called the circadian rhythm, letting the body know the time to sleep and wake up.

The capsules are easy to swallow. The product is available in liquid form too. There are no lingering effects of the dosage the next morning. The product assures restful sleep.

The product does not cause addiction. One can taper off from using it as a sleep inducement. The product provides at least 8 hours of good deep sleep for most people. It also helps in falling back to sleep for people who wake up in the middle of the night. The user feels refreshed and energized the next morning.

The Final Note on Now - High Potency Melatonin

Now - High Potency Melatonin is a 100% natural product. It serves well as a sleep inducer. The user does not get addicted to it. Consumers who start on a higher dose of 2 capsules can reduce it to one after a period of time. Side-effects are minimal and present only for a few users. Since it is vegan-friendly and the process is rigorously tested, the beneficial effects are noticeable.

The product is cost-effective when compared to other brands available in the market. It helps people suffering from insomnia too. This supplement is a go-to product for whoever is seeking good restful sleep and refreshed mornings. 

  • no apparent side-effects
  • cost-effective
  • 180 capsules in each bottle
  • available in liquid form
  • easy to swallow capsules
  • quick-acting
  • caused a sleep hangover for some users
  • 5 mg may be a high dose for first-time users
  • can cause intestinal cramps
  • may trigger headaches
Now - High Potency Melatonin

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Promotes Relaxation and Deep Restful Sleep