Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement Review

60mg Capsules With Standardized Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement
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Product Name: Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement

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Summary: Read our review of Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus to see if it is a a product that we recommend trying.

I have been hearing about nootropics, also called smart drugs, for quite some time and was curious to try them out for myself. I was a bit afraid too of the risks involved in using brain stimulants. So I opted for what seemed to be the safest natural alternative, namely a herbal brain-boosting supplement known as ginkgo biloba.

I started out with a low dose of just 60mg a day, after breakfast. After a week I increased the dose to twice a day and took one more capsule of 60 mg after lunch. I do have more energy and I am able to pay more attention to my tasks. I don't know whether my memory has improved or not.

One surprising effect of taking ginkgo biloba is that my tinnitus (ringing in the ears) has reduced considerably. It's barely noticeable now whereas it used to be like an unpleasant background humming in my head.

About Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement

Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement contains 60 mg of standardized Ginkgo Biloba extract per capsule. If you are looking for something stronger, then Nature’s Bounty also offers capsules with the strength of 120 mg ginkgo biloba. But for people who are just starting out on this nootropic drug, a lower dose of 60 mg of ginkgo is more advisable. This gives them adequate time to adjust to the medication and reduces the risk of adverse reactions.

You can rest assured of the quality of these products as the facilities of Nature’s Bounty have been successfully audited by leading independent dietary supplement quality evaluation firms such as the Specialized Technology Resources (STR), as well as, the United States Pharmacopeia.

Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement

Why Use Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement?

Flavonoids and terpenoids are the constituents of ginkgo biloba that exhibit antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help combat oxidative stress and thus slow down age-related diseases. Ginkgo biloba has the ability to increase vascular dilation and thus ease up circulatory problems. Improved blood flow to the brain benefits us in many ways. Improved blood circulation also helps detoxify the body and thus strengthen the immune system.

The International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology reveals that ginkgo biloba ranks high among the most researched and accepted herbal treatment for cognitive disorders. Ginkgo’s brain boosting effects are believed to be due to its ability to enhance glucose uptake in the brain. It also strengthens the nerve signal transmissions that are responsible for a variety of functions such as memory, mood, heartbeat regulation, eye health and so on.

Alzheimer patients with mild cognitive impairment may benefit from ginkgo biloba supplementation as this herbal medicine is potentially beneficial in improving cognitive functions. Traditional Chinese healers used ginkgo for treating headaches. Ginkgo is effective in treating headaches, especially stress-related headaches as it has adaptogenic properties as well as due to its ability to dilate blood vessels and improve the blood flow. This treatment is especially beneficial for migraine headaches.

The Final Note on Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement

The leaves and seeds of the ginkgo biloba tree have been used traditionally by the Chinese healers since ancient times. Ginkgo is best known for its cognition boosting and blood circulation improving properties. So it is used for treating brain disorders and diseases related to the circulatory system.

Ginkgo biloba is now getting even more popular as a nootropic as it can enhance your memory and mood. It sharpens your cognitive capabilities and helps you focus better on your tasks.
It also has antioxidant properties that make it effective as an anti-aging supplement. With its anti-inflammatory properties, and the ability to dilate blood vessels, ginkgo biloba provides many protective benefits for heart health.

With so many health benefits, this is one supplement that's a must on our health and fitness regime. To enjoy more energy, improved focus and productivity, order your ginkgo biloba supplements today! 

  • standardized formula with 24% flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones
  • good for a starting dose as each capsule is just 30 mg of ginkgo biloba
  • improves blood circulation
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • combats oxidative stress
  • enhances nerve signal transmissions 
  • need 2 to 4 capsules for a strong dose as each capsule contains only 30 mg of ginkgo biloba
  • can cause allergic skin reactions
  • may cause diarrhea
  • you may experience dizziness
Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus Herbal Supplement

Give Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba Plus a Try!

This formula is a little different than the rest, containing only 60 mg of standardized Ginkgo Biloba extract per serving. This is a good option for people who may be a little sensitive to the side effects that ginkgo biloba sometimes produces and want a gentler option.