Double Wood Alpha-GPC Choline Supplement Review

Nootropic for Enhanced Focus, Memory, Motivation, and Energy

Double Wood Alpha-GPC Choline Supplement
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Product Name: Double Wood Alpha-GPC Choline Supplement

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Summary: Read our review of Double Wood Alpha-GPC Choline Supplement to see if it is a product that we recommend trying.

When I went back to college from summer break, it was as if my mind just wasn’t ready. I started feeling really low and the thought of attending long lectures made me miserable. I started missing classes, forgetting deadlines and submissions and had a lot of trouble staying motivated. On the day that I went to attend classes, I felt tired throughout the day and couldn’t wait to go back to my dorm and sleep. With my exams coming up, I was anxious that I will not be able to remember or concentrate on my studies and that my grades will suffer.

I talked to my roommate and she told that she has been taking Alpha GPC Choline Supplement, which is designed to boost memory and focus, for months now. She told me that this is a nootropics supplement to boost memory, concentration, and energy levels. I researched the constituents of the supplement online and found that choline deficiency causes the exact symptoms that I had.

With my exams around the corner, I didn’t think much before giving it a try. Since the manufacturer Double Wood had a stellar reputation on Amazon, I ordered a pack of 60 300 mg capsules. But honestly, I was not very hopeful that a single supplement will help me regain my focus and drive.

I started with a single capsule a day, which is the recommended daily dosage, a month before my exams. I remember that within two days I could feel the change. I had more energy and mental focus. I started attending classes more regularly. I was feeling more motivated and was able to concentrate more on my studies and classwork. All this helped me perform better in my exams.

About Alpha GPC Choline supplement

Double Wood supplements offer the highest quality Alpha GPC supplement. This supplement is a gluten-free product, made in the USA, and it is tested for heavy metals and microbes as well. The supplement is also a non-GMO product that optimizes choline levels.

Alpha GPC is the most bioavailable form of choline, which means it crosses the blood-brain barrier more easily than other choline supplements. Since choline obtained from dietary sources is not entirely absorbable, supplements like Double Wood Alpha GPC are beneficial in replenishing choline levels that improve cognitive function and increase motivation.

However, it is important to note that the product is derived from soy, and those with a soy allergy should not consume it. Though this product does not have any serious side effects, a few users having headaches or nausea when they started using this. Thankfully, such mild side effects pass quickly when your body gets adapted to the medication.

Alpha GPC Choline supplement

Why Alpha GPC Choline supplement?

Acetylcholine and choline are essential neurotransmitters required by the body for normal bodily functions, like sleeping. What’s alarming is that nearly 90% of people are unable to get the recommended amount of choline from their diet alone. Considered an essential nutrient by the FDA, choline helps in increasing cognitive functions and improves concentration. It helps in improving energy levels and reduces fatigue.

Double Wood Alpha GPC, thus, prevents choline deficiency and helps in improving brain function, memory, focus, and energy. I felt that my mind was ‘on’ after the first few days of taking the supplement. I was sleeping better and felt more rested during the day. I was able to stay engaged while studying and was able to learn things quicker.

Final Thoughts

Alpha GPC Choline Supplement is a nootropic supplement which helps in increasing motivation, brain function, as well as increase concentration and focus. Nearly 9 out of 10 people suffer from low choline levels, which causes many problems like an inability to focus, fatigue and low energy.

Alpha GPC Choline can cross the blood-brain barrier more efficiently, which makes it very effective in replenishing choline levels in our body. If you have been experiencing a lack of energy, focus, and motivation, you should definitely try this out.

  • most bioavailable form of choline 
  • 60-days money-back guarantee
  • made in the USA
  • gluten-free
  • non-GMO product
  • tested for heavy metals 
  • may result in headache and nausea initially.
  • high doses of choline increase the risk of heart damage
  • may produce a fishy body odor in some people
  • not recommended for people allergic to soy
Double Wood Alpha-GPC Choline Supplement

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Nootropic for Enhanced Focus, Memory, Motivation, and Energy