Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root Review

Natural Nootropic for Enhancing Cognitive Functions and Reducing Inflammation

Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root
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Product Name: Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root

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Summary: Read our review of Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root to see if it is a product that we recommend trying.

I came across Anthony’s Organic Ginger Root powder while searching online for a good quality organic ginger powder. I prefer adding fresh ginger in my meal preparations. I love its tangy flavor and add it to several recipes and beverages ranging from coffee to smoothies, salad dressings, baked goodies and even slow-cooked pork, chicken, and beef.

But, I gave up using freshly grated ginger after nicking my knuckles and fingers umpteen times. Based on my friend’s suggestion, I started using ground ginger powder. This saves time and is perfect in every way. I now use 1 ½ teaspoon of ground ginger powder in my diet daily.

I have noticed quite a few positive changes to my health after using this powder. My blood sugar levels have improved. My ankles and lower legs that used to look a bit swollen now look normal and thin. According to various studies, ginger consumption can improve cognitive health.

I limit the ginger powder intake in coffee and smoothies to just a spoon a day though I rarely keep a count in other preparations. But if you are just starting on ginger root powder then avoid taking it on an empty stomach as it may cause digestive upsets.

My friend who used to suffer from pain and nausea during menstruation discovered that ginger powder helps soothe her symptoms. Be warned that excessive menstrual bleeding can occur as a side effect during the initial days of using ginger powder. Due to its antioxidant qualities, ginger helps in reducing persistent cold and cough symptoms. If you have flu-like symptoms then ginger powder in warm milk is a great antidote. 

About Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root

Ginger root has been used for long in Asian cuisine as a taste enhancer for its medicinal values. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Anthony’s organic ground ginger root brings the same qualities of India’s purest ginger root in a powder form that can be used in recipes, as well as, hot/ cold beverages. You can use it purely as a health supplement or for enhancing the taste of your dishes.

As Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root powder is testified as organic you need not worry about the presence of pesticides or other harmful chemicals in it. Due to the presence of gingerol, the powder can be used as a painkiller. Mix it with milk or smoothies for the children, if they complain of muscle cramps or ache after play or games. Senior citizens can use the powder in their health drinks to reduce cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root is a gluten-free and non-GMO product which can be used in all cooked, raw and semi-cooked products without any fear of side effects. It is suitable for both vegans/vegetarians and also for people on a Keto Diet.

Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root

Why Use Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root?

Researchers have noted that ginger may help improve brain functions. It may also protect you from age-related mental disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease. Ginger reduces the oxidative stress and chronic inflammation that can otherwise accelerate the aging process.

Due to its ability to dissolve easily, Anthony’s ground ginger root is regarded as the best form of using this medicinal product in recipes and hot /cold beverages. The strong flavor of ginger is due to the presence of gingerol that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is helpful in treating nausea and vomiting.

According to a study of over a thousand pregnant women, around 1.5 gms of ginger can reduce nausea symptoms related to pregnancy. It is advisable to take a doctor's opinion before taking it as large amounts could be harmful, especially for pregnant women and lactating moms.

Ginger has been proven to improve blood pressure and reduce hypertension due to its ability to expand blood vessels and enhance blood circulation within the body. Ginger has potassium that reduces blood pressure. Research has shown that ginger can also be used in the treatment of microbial diseases caused by E. Coli and Bacillus. Ginger can be used to inhibit the growth of gum bacteria.

The Final Note on Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root

Ginger is your best friend for solving all digestion-related issues, be it acid reflux, gas-related discomforts or heartburn as it helps the body digest food faster. Taking ½ tbsp of Anthony’s ground ginger root with tea, coffee or a fruit smoothie in the morning can solve digestion problems and improve energy levels. It works as a natural nootropic to help boost cognition as well.

Making ginger a regular part of your diet can do wonders for your health. Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root powder makes it easy to include ginger in your daily diet. Order this online today itself to start enjoying its amazing health benefits.

  • USDA Certified Organic Ginger Root Powder
  • Verified Gluten-Free
  • No artificial additives or fillers
  • Delicious, with a strong aroma and great taste 
  • Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated
  • Vegan supplement
  • Can cause abdominal discomfort and increased bleeding
  • May cause diarrhea if consumed more than twice a day
  • Can cause heartburn
  • May lead to mouth and throat irritation
Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root

Give Anthony’s Organic Ground Ginger Root a Try!

This pure ginger powder is USDA certified organic and batch tested for quality and purity.